About us


CUSTOM, Lovingly Hand-Crafted Organic, 100% NATURAL Bath Bombs Themed Gifts, from our creative spark & straight to your heart!


Our Business started out as simply an idea that we had, which was to cater to the darker, Juggalo, Gothic, Wiccan, Pagan, Emo, & Punk type of tastes that we, ourselves also share. You’ll be right at home here also if you enjoy the Horror Genre. (We’ve got BIG PLANS & special surprises for you, trust me! What we are aspiring to do, to the best of our knowledge, has not yet been done this way before.) We are here to share the love with you, the love of the darkness and of the Night itself...The understanding or the attempting to understand, and create the things of BOTH dreams and nightmares. This is the right place to be if you are often found saying, “I LOVE it! BUT...Do they have it in Black?” We’re here to entertain your very darkest, personal, CUSTOM desires and satiate the needs that we all must express ourselves, to be creative, unique, but at the same time, must possess the courage inside, and the very belief in themselves, to be empowered to stand out from the crowd, & the guts & the grace to do so proudly and determinedly, UNTIL WE SUCCEED. This brings to mind an inspirational Business documentary film, which had talked about how ALL of US DO have the POWER and determination, to make our very fantasies come to life...Simply, by just believing in yourself, you have the ability to achieve great things, but these new wonders are not cheap, they require hard work, sacrifice, dedication, & a true enjoyment of the task at hand, & the same thing can be said about ALL companies, each & every one, that the difference between McDonald's and other burger joints, maybe even BETTER Burger Joints with a nicer or even higher quality product, is that while they eventually ran out of steam and gave up, McDonalds NEVER did. It carried on through thick and thin, & due to this perseverance, McDonald's is famous World-Wide today. More people recognized a picture of the McDonalds Golden Arches when asked to identify who/what the picture was of, then the people who could identify Jesus Christ in one Researcher’s Study. And finally, that brings me to our Story, you see there is no end, we are only just beginning. We are HONORED that you are here reading this still and taking this special journey with us. We’re a newer, small home-based Business that aims to please, & we take great pride in our work & what we do. We enjoy making our Bath Bomb and Essential Oil Blends at home together, as a Husband & Wife-based & solely run Team. Our little Store has just started out, & with some surprisingly BIG GOALS. If you are a SELLER who is interested in aiding to invest in our little venture, we would be willing to sell in bulk to you. Another plus, is that your finished Product can be shipped straight to your Warehouse, allowing you to make your Customers happier by being able to provide your Product to them FASTER, ALL simply by buying your next Bath Bomb and/or Essential Oils Blends from us! We provide a gently hand-made, carefully Quality-controlled regimen with strict sanitation, and we ONLY use 100% Natural, Organic, and Bio-degradable Products. We are an ECO-FRIENDLY Company that backs up what they believe in. All of our Products were NEVER tested on Animals, & ALL are very SAFE to use, plus strongly FRAGRANT, & ultra-effective and efficient for PAMPERING YOURSELF with while deeply MOISTURIZING your skin. The BEST part is getting to be CREATIVE for you, & CUSTOM-making & CREATING your Bath Bomb Theme, Color, Scent (& EXTRA UNIQUE, FUN & DEEPLY PERSONALIZED OPTIONS), & we make sure to offer EVERYTHING for our CUSTOM CLIENTS, we pull out ALL of the stops & stop at nothing short of your SATISFACTION & degree of HAPPINESS with ALL of the Products that we offer here. Ladies & Gentlemen, please enjoy your time here on our Group…Now presenting the much awaited, HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED, “Custom Creations to Die For,” at your Service for all of your darker pleasures, Beauty. Fragrance, & Skin-Care needs!